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twelve hours of intense security operations and counting we were going to show you latest pictures there we will in a moment the suspects nineteen year old jokers the these are the latest live pictures now i have her remains at large his brother twenty six year old to murder so now if he was killed after a police car chase their family originates from russia's north caucuses but settled in the united states more than a decade ago let's go live to our correspondent report in new york right now hi the brothers backgrounds have taken many by surprise haven't they what do we know about as more and more information is coming in hour by hour. well a nineteen year old dzhokhar known as suspect number two is still on the run officials say me he may be armed with explosives and believe that there is a chance that he could be working with accomplices note your car had been on the wrestling team according to. various reports he attended a prestigious school and won
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a scholarship from his city to pursue higher education many many people that knew him were friends with him socialize with him with him have come out to speak on behalf of his character and actually said many positive things about him that he was a star athlete an honor student very kind very courteous he did attend the university of massachusetts at dartmouth one of the many universities that have now been evacuated in this widespread shutdown taking place in boston in the outer the outer suburbs and one of the heart of social network sites he describes himself as speaking chechen as well as english and russian his worldview is described as islam he says his personal goals is career and money now his twenty six year old brother tamar lawn known as suspect number one was killed in a standoff with police thursday night tamara lawn practice martial arts and boxing and was aspiring to fight on the u.s.
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olympic team once he received citizenship dzhokhar suspect number two actually did receive a u.s. citizenship. in twenty twelve i'm not mistaken according to reports the date was eleven twenty twelve with tamra lawn according to a crime website he was once arrested for a domestic assault against a girlfriend in a photo that appeared in a boston university student magazine in two thousand and ten temora long was quoted as saying that he doesn't have a single american friend and doesn't understand them on social media sites. it had to fight himself as a muslim he said he did not drink or smoke according to reports he was studying to be an engineer but r.t. did find a youtube page a youtube account that tomorrow on opened back in twenty twelve and there was a playlist dedicated to terrorism included songs such as i will dedicate my life to
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jihad that's a lot of information that we've been able to compile about the two suspects in the meantime while federal state and local officials are telling everyone in boston in the outer area to stay inside the uncle of these two suspects were still on sar tarney came out a few hours ago to speak to the media he actually called his nephews losers and encourage the younger the younger boy the nineteen year old still on the run to turn himself in let's take a listen to what their own. children are going to have you when you look at the united states. they received a settlement where they were going to go home with their working lives that they lived with them never been adjusted to there's nothing to do is they were different
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to turn their peaceful people people to shame on to a. new city. because everyone no names they play with words. and tell you. that's what i would think turn yourself in and what what it will want i mean who do yourself a discretion who you. know roussillon sarnie the uncle that we just heard from he has been a strange from his nephews at least since two thousand so it's now he what he said now the father. i'm sorry go ahead. the father of these two suspects and his and their aunts have both come out maintaining that these boys are innocent the father of these boys has gone to so far as to say that his sons have been set up by u.s. federal officials now we were able to also get in touch with
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a secretary from the school in august on where just attended before he immigrated to the united states let's listen to what the secretary had to say. rolled in the first grade and just a year he left. his family's from kurdistan there were full children in the family two sisters and two brothers in two thousand one hundred the school and in two thousand and two they left for the u.s. to. you know what's also interesting to note is in the past few hours of course lots of u.s. officials have been making statements as this this invest this food investigation is ongoing but one of the officials that has come out to make some profound statements is former new york city mayor rudy giuliani who was in office during the september eleventh attacks during an interview with bloomberg television he said
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that the u.s. will have to cooperate with russian security services much closer in the aftermath of the boston bombings the terrorist attacks which these two suspects are allegedly according to federal officials at least you know possibly in connection to they want to be questioned that's why these suspects are are the f.b.i. searching for these suspects now back to giuliani he said that washington used to consider chechen chechen islamic separatists as an internal russian russian problem and giuliani said that's no longer the case and he went on to say that the u.s. did not take the north caucasus threat seriously enough during the tragedy in the salon but it's important to note right in the in the wake of all of this information that we're getting minute by minute is that these two men that the f.b.i. has been searching for now it's one man they have been in the united states for more than a decade they are as an american as american as american can be and while there
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were it was not clear in the aftermath of the bombing the boston bombings whether this was a whole homegrown and foreign attack what this shows is that this clearly was something that was homegrown because these two boys if they are found guilty and associated with the crime that took place in boston they have been in the united states for more than a decade essentially they have their roots here they know the culture they know this is science. project you know over the top of you we've got to call important to be just a little bit of confusion. the people of boston have been warned off the streets. almost all day started early this morning what sort of difference is it making to them obviously it's hugely affecting their lives i guess there's a lot of fear the. joker goes on you're. right that's right well it's understandable that there is a sense of fear and frustration and anxiety that's that's permeating through that area what federal officials have said is that seventy percent of the homes in
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watertown have been searched what federal and local officials are doing is going door to door to search and we also know that connecticut police are also on the lookout for a one thousand nine hundred ninety three hunter sceptic and that may be you know so it was suspect number two but we will find out more information and i'm for now back to you. very much for the report mother a correspondent in new york ok women should we've got a very important guest coming up. could tell you know on the line we've got the mother of one of the two suspects. on the line with me now a very good evening chief thank you for taking the time of what must be a very difficult time for you to come and speak to anyone at this time and for your family as well so thanks for being with us. i'm sure but what can you tell me. your sons and your thoughts of what they are accused of tonight. ok can i speak now yes you are indeed you live on all three fronts and i think you. are what what
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can. really. really rooting from my car going through here and being a mother i just i just what i can say is i am pretty sure i am like a hundred percent sure that this is a set up. my my two sons are really innocent and i know that my. neither of them never never have talked about whatever they're saying about now and when what i want to say is my both most of them were my my youngest one was raised actually like raised from from. oh he was raised in america and my oldest son he is . a really proper dude raised and we in our house never nobody talked about the terrorism and my son tom iran really. got involved in the region.
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like i really just really just politics five years ago so he started following his own really really really religious aspect and he never he never told me that he he would be like on the side of jihad and whatever they are talking whatever he's talking about him being a loser then phil said the losers my son my son would never do least my son it's up he was canceled by the i like four five three five feels that they knew what my son was doing so they knew what actions and what decides on the internet he was going to use to come home base because they used to come and talk to me they used to tell me that you know that they are constantly he's down there was telling me that he's really if you use leader and they are it's fraid of. they told me that they are whatever evil he whatever country type or
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whatever even they are whatever information he getting they are confluent him how could that happen how could be they were conjoined with help of him and their character kellen today but the terrorist act never ever that this is not my two sons are in front i didn't take it which i do take in what you're saying but i have to put to you how can you explain the violent shakes your sons revolved in early this morning the use of explosives and the use of firearms. i'm sorry i take it everything you say that you say your sons have been set up but i'm asking you please if you can i know it's a very difficult time for you but can you explain therefore. what the violent chase your sons were involved in that was about this morning and the fact that they were firing at police officers and throwing explosives out of the car. on twitter. i
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mean they are the young one while i gather both were involved in this early morning chase both firing and throwing explosives out of that s.u.v. at the time how can you explain their involvement in that. i i don't i never believe into it i never believe into it i think that it is i know my son never spoke about those things and i am a mother i raised them they were highly intelligent. whatever is the i they were scared of all the sun always told me that he's a leader he's the you know they are afraid of him because they think that he's you know he's a he's a leader he talks about islam a lot and they told me what they were talking to my son and they called me official in the told me that my son is an excellent boy and they have no problem with that with so at the same time they were telling that he's like he's he is he's like
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you're you know he's getting the information really extremely quick so it examine what is that side so they were kind of very very afraid of him the job that i was writing i think that it is a step up could you foresee any chance of goal that may be a no this must be very hard to take it as a parent especially as a mother of your two sons but what if we decide to them that maybe you just didn't know that they didn't let you in on. my son my oldest son who used to kill me everything everything every day every take every second day my son used to call me and ask me how are you mama and both of them mama will love you mama how you we meet it's impossible impossible for them to quote both of them didn't think so i i move we really really really pairing that belief i said to my son he would tell me my son never would do the people in secret so i would know who i would be you know
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knowing that there you go even there is anyone who would know it would be nice mother he would never he would never get for me he would tell me that but never ever even award zero i that your son your youngest son as we know at length is is on the run tonight boston is lockdown the police are looking for him if you know any chance he's got r t on if by any chance he gets to hear you speak to him now. what would you say to him i would say what would i say i would say they go right and tell them the truth that you haven't haven't done anything that this is it said. ok thank you so by that the mother of a brother's your current surveillance and i have jokers to say on the run tonight in boston thank you for taking the time what is a obviously very difficult time for you and your family as well speak to us. well
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after the identities of the suspects were revealed chechen leader ramzan kadyrov said the suspects have no links to chechnya. we don't know anything about the brothers they never lived in chechnya the media is reporting that they grew up and went to school in america so the problem is with their of bringing their we regret that this deadly tragedy took place as we know better than anybody about these things and we offer our condolences. some reaction from russia to tell you the president's press secretary said that the information about the bombing suspects being chechen national still needs to be verified he added that russia doesn't discriminate between domestic and foreign terrorists and they should be a zero tolerance attitude towards all of them thoughts too from dmitri babich political analyst for voice of russia radio station he says the ethnic origin of the suspects is being given too much attention. russian government has won the award about the kind of refugee is of all the kind of immigrants that the
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united states and west european countries are ready to accept and a lot of them did not change their condition their convictions a lot of them are still diehard decent mists and i can easily imagine that a lot of them conceived both russia and the united states part of the same decadent western civilization in this situation that they can the way to their jihad not necessarily in a place like syria or iraq but also in the united states happened to be in many countries that people who got our siloam in the west that later turned against their hosts and against their benefactors you know if you expect any kind of great that you would only kind of thankful thinking from these people you are dead wrong . most of the jihad. in their convictions they think that they have the right to you know to a certain their convictions so they have the right to commit violent acts if only
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they feed their course and their cause is the creation of the system are mixed eight. well maybe it would be an excellent stage in north caucasus it could be a universal islamic caliphate but that's their thinking and i'm afraid in boston we were dealing with exactly that kind of thinking if you read their american press you can see a lot of simplistic thinking about the so-called church or an uprising and the islamist groups are in the north caucasus and the american used to say that russia was to blame for all of these terrorist activities but i don't agree with that i think that russia was actually fighting a real international islamic threat in north caucasus at least during the second world war during the second chechen war and all the asli the system is to keep it in north caucasus it's not only a threat to russia it's also worth a. to the united states is a threat to europe but somehow western countries just refuse to recognize that. the
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u.s. hasn't turned to russia for help in the investigation so far despite moscow expressing its readiness to assess let's talk about why that might be the move pieces of maya fees from the eurasia democracy initiative are there peter thanks being with us what might russia be able to do in getting to the bottom of the attacks do you think. well i think first of all russia and america must cooperate in. conducting a thorough investigation into the into the attacks i also think that russia must and i'm sure it will investigate the reported. travels of the older brother tamerlan to russia which is which he is said to have needed about six months ago so. flight logs have to be looked at. it must be investigated where time along went in russia and who he contacted
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while they're now in the school of thought among a number of security experts that the bombings have bridged the gap between russia and the u.s. a bit they both therefore share the same terror threat are there a lot of key similarities well there are a number of similarities significant similarities the main one being that both countries over the last decade or so have been involved in fighting insurgencies america in afghanistan and iraq russia in. there have been inspired by the extremist intolerant brand of islam largely backed by and inspired by the vision of al qaeda. what does the north caucuses linking these attacks tell us about global terrorism. well it tells us that well should the north caucasus link in this case be proven it tells us that global jihad the move the global jihadi movement really knows no
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geographic economic or social boundaries it is into the hearts and minds of young people such as what we saw in september eleventh attacks and the board is being said now about these two brothers whether they were linked or not these these two young men will quite bright they got scholarships to attend prestigious universities and still if that is proven they may have been brainwashed into committing such heinous crimes but the trouble is existed in the caucasus has been mostly localized these days what would exclaim is connected to that region have to do with the us in this day and age in twenty thirty a well. the church of the chechen extremists have long been known to cop parade and work and fight shoulder to shoulder with their al-qaeda brethren. shortly
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after the september eleventh attacks as a matter of fact the us ambassador to moscow alex version in fact went on record saying that we meaning the us have long been aware of the fact that al qaeda has been fanning the flames of the conflict in chechnya so what we're seeing here it once again if it is proven and there are signs that the older brother may have been influenced by certain. radical islamist ideology and if that is indeed proven that it shows that terrorist extremists are now working once again shoulder to shoulder with their with their. comrades. outside of chechnya and outside of russia it is a democracy initiative thanks you thoughts. a message posted on twitter by one of the suspects just hours after the boston bombing reads no love in the heart of the city stay safe people know earlier i asked the foreign affairs editor of chronicles magazine in chicago about the men's personalities of his thoughts on why they were
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granted asylum in the u.s. what we're looking at is what has been called sudden heart syndrome where in a certain signal light young man or two or three or five parents leave well adapted to their environment returned apparently perfectly capable or functioning suddenly go berserk in one way or another and what we're seeing time and over again is that young muslim particularly young muslim men who come to the west and go in search of america entity because post-modern consumerist society full of platitudes about inclusiveness and multiculturalism doesn't really offer anything meaningful can be attached to it when they're a kid did offer the family did offer them asylum even though they didn't have their official status they were given asylum why tell a country that offers you asylum america treated the family as refugees in two
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thousand and one when the war in chechnya was long over which reflects an ambivalence of the u.s. policy makers as well as the media regarding the whole church and we should and mark my words it will be only hours if not days before we hear some pundits saying that we're lads have been brutalized but childhood memories of hutus clamp down on poor church yeah. so bring you up to date on what's happening the latest we know in boston tonight most of the city's been locked down for way over nine hours while thousands of police and f.b.i. agents searching continuing to search for the bombing suspect nineteen year old joke. reports say he's been wounded after the shootout in the early hours of friday he's on the run after escaping police in an overnight chase in which is elder brother twenty six year old tom erlandson i was killed both men come from an ethnic chechen family which was granted asylum in the u.s. about a decade ago more than a million people in boston of being want to still stay off the streets which have
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all been deserted this friday in the past few hours the man's father claimed his sons were framed while their uncle denied they were linked to church and terrorism it's reported that explosives were found to the location where the two men were initially traced to along with a pressure cooker similar to the one used in the marathon bombing and indeed i just spoke to their mother she said she could not believe they could have done anything like this she said it was her belief that they have been framed now some politicians in the u.s. congress have seen this week's tragic events as an opportunity there to step up their drive to control the internet the controversial cispa bill would allow user data to be shared with government agencies getting around privacy laws it's made it through to the senate but president obama still thought to be wary of selling it off r.t. america producer andrew blake more. op aides for the white house actually said that we will recommend the president veto this legislation sharon said for sharing
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protection act it's come under a lot of criticism by its opponents because they say that it does more than what the authors say it does now the authors of cispa they say that this bill will lead to businesses private companies google facebook and many internet provider these companies will be encouraged to share information with the federal government that will be used to track down and monitor and curb cyber attacks aimed at the united states computer critics say that it puts too much of americans privacy at risk and that the right safeguards are there people would be sacrificing their privacy for a little bit of security when the bill was introduced back in february i believe one of the areas for the second time representative or one of the authors of the bill he said you know we can't have another nine eleven we can't have another terrorist attack it but if we do we will pass any law that needs to happen sure enough to another congressman he actually got up and said well look what happened in boston these were bombs sure they weren't digital bombs but the next ones will be digital bombs so we need to come together for the sake of national security and
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do something and that's exactly why a lot of people have problems with this bill because the people who are touting it the people who are writing it are people that don't really understand the cyber security concerns and there's a lot of concern over who is coming up with this bill who is supporting it and what they actually know about cyber security. incident this morning saying that you know boston would be reason enough to pass a cyber security bill is laughable to many people much more we'll have new details on the growing unrest in bahrain as well ahead of sunday's formula one race as we report on venezuela where the presidential votes still be in question that's a couple stories in a couple of minutes. the
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book about international landlords in the very heart of moscow.
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again this for the simmering unrest in bahrain ahead of the weekend's formula one grand prix with protesters furious that the government plans to host that elite sports event despite the country's poor human rights record there's already been some violence with activists holding petrol bombs or police who responded with tear gas the demonstrators accuse formula one of ignoring rights abuses as security forces clamp down and in the lead up to the grand prix the race organizers insist the protesters in the protest don't pose any threat to the event though but human rights watch has slammed them for quote risking holding their race against repression that it's provoked in the first place. and the man at the forefront of the pro-democracy movement in bahrain remains behind bars meantime now bill roggio observing a two year prison term for his alleged role in the february twentieth eleven uprising he was jailed last year after criticizing the government of the monarchy and messages posted on twitter a court ruled that his comments were.


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